Bike Laws to Know

Our Bicycle Accident Lawyers Know the Laws & Can Help You

In Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania, cyclists are often injured because drivers’ do not know or refuse to follow a few simple rules. Knowing the basics can help avoid costly and painful accidents, as well as drawn-out court cases and fines.

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Know the Laws

Our bicycle accident lawyer has outlined a few of the most important laws below. Outlined by Philadelphia Code Chapter 12-800, these regulations help keep drivers and cyclists safe.

  • § 12-801. Persons Riding Bicycles. This states that cyclists are subject to the same rules as cars, such as stopping at red lights, obeying posted signs, and signaling for turns.
  • § 12-803 and 12-804. Riding on Bicycles, Roadways, and Bicycle Paths. Only one person is permitted on a bike and you must ride in a straight line, in a bike lane, whenever possible.
  • § 12-806. Carrying Articles. Riders should not carry anything that prevents them from keeping at least one hand on the handlebars.
  • § 12-807. Parking. Use bike racks when available and do not obstruct traffic. If you do, you can be subject to a parking ticket.
  • § 12-808. Riding on Sidewalks. Only children under the age of 12 are permitted to ride on sidewalks, except where otherwise permitted.
  • § 12-811. Penalty. If you are caught violating any of the regulations while riding your bike, you can be fined up to $75.

Following the Rules Can Save You

Following these rules can help keep you safe and avoid traffic fines. Remember that Philadelphia considers cyclists to be like cars when it comes to penalties and officers will not hesitate to write tickets when they see violations.

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