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Bicycle accidents are extremely dangerous for the same reasons that motorcycle accidents are dangerous. The fact that cyclists are not protected from the impact of other vehicles or fixed objects drastically increases the chances of catastrophic injuries. If you are involved in a bicycle accident, you deserve an attorney with more than a casual understanding of cycling.

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What to Do After a Crash

If you are on a bicycle and get into an accident with a car or truck, what you do at the accident scene and immediately after is crucial.

Here’s what to do:

  • If police arrive, it’s important to communicate any physical complaints you have at that moment. This is not the time to downplay any injuries since insurance companies use initial statements to argue that you were not injured by the accident.
  • Get your version of events into the accident report. Sometimes the officer takes a statement from the motorist without talking to the cyclist. Do everything you can to get your side of the story into the police report. If, despite your efforts, the police refuse to include your statement, you may be able to have the report amended.
  • Obtain driver and witness contact information. If possible, get the name of the driver as well as his or her address, phone number, driver’s license number, vehicle license number, and insurance information. Get the names and contact information for everyone who witnessed the accident. Don’t assume the police report will include all of this information.
  • Document what happened. If you can, make mental notes about the accident: what happened, how it happened, where it occurred, when it occurred, and road, traffic, and weather conditions. Write down all of this information as soon as possible and take photos of any damage on the other driver’s vehicle as well as your own person and bike. Take at least one photo of the vehicle’s license plate and if possible, the other driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance.
  • Document your injuries. Seek immediate medical attention for your injuries, even if they are minor. The fact that you sought medical attention serves as proof that you were injured, and medical records document the extent of those injuries. Have several photos taken of your injuries as soon as possible after the accident.
  • Preserve evidence. Leave your bike and other damaged property in the same state as after the accident. Don’t attempt to fix anything or have anything inspected. Don’t wash your clothing, and don’t send your bike, helmet, or any other equipment to anyone other than your attorney. Take photos of your damaged equipment.
  • Seek advice from a professional. Don’t communicate with an insurance company before consulting an attorney. Anything you say to the insurance company could be used against you later. Sometimes a letter from an attorney to the insurance company can resolve issues and avoid legal pitfalls. If your case warrants it, your attorney can hire a bike accident expert to investigate the accident. That person might obtain skid mark measurements, photograph the scene, speak with additional witnesses, or measure and diagram the accident scene.

Professional Knowledge Backed by Personal Experience

Many law firms hold themselves out as specializing in bicycle accident cases, however, no firms in the Philadelphia or Pennsylvania area can merge their legal and cycling skills to the high standards needed to effectively represent injured cyclists. Piscitello Law is among the few who can claim specialty in this area with true authenticity. Attorney Piscitello is a competitive cyclist with tens of thousands of miles in the saddle and nearly 25 years of experience as a personal injury attorney.

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