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  • 2-Aug-2018

    Piscitello Law Is Expanding!

    We are super excited to welcome two outstanding individuals to our firm: Arley Kemmerer and Rachel Rubino. Among many other things, both are competitive pro-cyclists and solid supporters of women’s cycling. Arley earned her law degree from the ...
  • 4-May-2018

    Cyclists in the City: Atlanta Posts Chief Bicycle Officer Position

    What Atlanta’s Search for a New Bike Officer Means for Cyclists Everywhere More and more local governments across the nation are taking an interest in cycling and implementing creative solutions that are good for bicycle enthusiasts and ...
  • 20-Feb-2018

    Joe Piscitello to Moderate Vision Zero Best Practices Session at 2018 Conference in Philadelphia

    We are proud to announce that Attorney Joe Piscitello will moderate a session at the 2018 Vision Zero for Philadelphia Conference. Hosted by the Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia, the conference seeks to encourage conversation about improving street ...
  • 9-Feb-2018

    Attorney Piscitello Featured on Philly Bicycle Coalition Podcast

    Attorney Joe Piscitello recently appeared on a podcast produced by the Philly Bicycle Coalition! Attorney Piscitello was invited to discuss many trending legal topics that are relevant to the cycling community. The conversation covered a lot of ...
  • 8-Sep-2017

    Attorney Joseph Piscitello to Represent Bike Law PA in Bike Law Network

    We are proud to announce that Attorney Joseph T. Piscitello was selected to officially represent Bike Law Pennsylvania. Currently, the organization is 18-members strong and includes legal professionals who are focused on representing bicyclists and ...
  • 1-Sep-2017

    Celebrating One Year Work Anniversary with Andrea Paparelli!

    The team at Piscitello Law is happy to mark the first of many years with our outstanding paralegal, Andrea Paparelli. She joined the firm on August 28, 2016 and has quickly become invaluable to the workings of the practice. Andrea has a remarkable ...
  • 30-May-2017

    Joe Piscitello Attends Bike to Work Day 2017

    On May 19 th, personal injury lawyer Joe Piscitello proudly participated in Bike to Work Day 2017, along with his PA Masters teammate Kim Geist. 150 people partook in a bicycle ride from the Penn Museum in West Philadelphia to Dilworth Park for the ...
  • 23-May-2017

    Wearing a Helmet: A Life or Death Decision

    This is what a great helmet looks like -- after it’s been put to the test. The helmet effectively absorbed the impact when Attorney Joe Piscitello crashed and struck his head on the road surface in 2005. Helmets are essential to wear while ...
  • 18-Apr-2017

    Kim Geist of Team USA Wins Worlds Gold

    Piscitello Law congratulates Kim Geist and Team USA for winning the Gold in the Track World Championship held in Hong Kong (April 13, 2017). Kim Geist is one of several outstanding competitive cyclists on PA Masters, an elite Master’s Racing ...
  • 4-Apr-2017

    Who is Liable for a Dooring Accident?

    Life can be tricky for a cyclist. On one hand, you are forbidden from riding on sidewalks, so you’re forced to ride in the middle of road traffic that often does not afford you the same courtesy and space that they would other motorists. ...
  • 23-Mar-2017

    Philadelphia Proposes Hub & Spoke Campaign

    On March 1, attorney Joe Piscitello attended the 2017 Vision Zero Philadelphia Conference with other like-minded bicycle and road safety supporters. The conference presented the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia’s Hub & Spoke ...
  • 6-Mar-2017

    Piscitello Law announces Corporate Sponsor of Fearless Femme Racing Team!

    We are delighted to announce our 2017 sponsorship of the Fearless Femme. This impressive group of female cyclists compete on a global, national and regional level in road, criterium and cross. The team director and manager is Arounkone Sananikone who ...
  • 15-Feb-2017

    Juniors Development Campaign, 2017

    Piscitello Law is proud to support a new initiative, The Juniors Development Campaign to benefit Cadence Youth Cycling (CYC). The CYC program is part of the Philadelphia Bicycle Coalition whose mission is to use cycling as a platform to encourage ...
  • 16-Dec-2016

    What Is the "Dutch Reach?"

    If you have cycled around the busy streets of Philadelphia, you've probably noticed how susceptible you are to "door" injuries. These accidents occur when an occupant of a parked or stopped car exits the vehicle, suddenly pushing the ...
  • 30-Nov-2016

    Piscitello Law Secures Victory

    Cyclists are at greater risk of being injured when riding in urban environments, but that isn’t to say the busy setting should compromise their cycling rights. In a recent case, Attorney Piscitello successfully defended an injured cyclist ...
  • 18-Nov-2016

    A Snapshot of Our Philadelphia Cycling Community

    In major cities all over the country, cycling is emerging as a popular, healthy, and environmentally-conscious way of getting around. In Philadelphia in particular, cycling has grown by leaps and bounds and is considered to be one of the nation's ...
  • 27-Oct-2016

    UM/UIM Coverage & Why You Should Care

    What is uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage and why should you care? Before answering that question, some quick background might help. First, it’s important to note that all auto drivers must purchase mandatory coverage to ensure that ...
  • 19-Oct-2016

    Cycling is in the Genes!

    It's not often that you realize that the passions you pursue in your everyday life were shared by relatives from a generation before you—but that's exactly what Attorney Joe Piscitello discovered on a recent trip to Sicily. Joe recently ...
  • 23-Sep-2016

    Will Evan's Law Crack down on Distracted Driving?

    According to federal officials, distracted driving claimed the lives of 3,179 Americans in 2014—and injured 431,000 more. There are even some studies that indicate this trend is getting worse despite new laws and campaigns to dissuade drivers ...
  • 31-Aug-2016

    Attorney Joe Piscitello Featured in "The Paceline"

    Attorney Joe Piscitello's long-standing sponsorship of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia has been featured in the organization's newly announced donor profile, dubbed “The Paceline.” In it, the Coalition highlights the ...
  • 5-Aug-2016

    GoPro Cameras and Your Bike Accident Claim

    Walking around Philadelphia, you may have noticed a growing trend among cyclists: GoPro helmet cameras. While some of these riders are compiling footage for video projects or training, others are using the cameras for another reason; to develop ...
  • 4-Aug-2016

    Piscitello Law Presented Cyclocross Clinic With Jeremy Powers

    Piscitello Law was proud to co-present an exclusive Cyclocross clinic to benefit Cadence Youth Cycling last month. The clinic, led by U.S. Cyclocross National Champion Jeremy Powers, was co-presented by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. ...
  • 8-Jul-2016

    Q&A Session Given by Jeremy Powers at Transport Cycles

    U.S. Cyclocross Champion Jeremy Powers gives Q&A Session at Transport Cycles in Fishtown in support of Cadence Youth Cycling. The event is presented by Piscitello Law. Jeremy’s ambitions have grown and after several years at the top of the ...
  • 20-Jun-2016

    Piscitello Law to Host Cyclocross Clinic Next Month with Jeremy Powers

    Piscitello Law is proud to present a Philadelphia cyclocross clinic on July 9th, co-hosted by the Bicycle Coalition for Greater Philadelphia. The all-day clinic will be held by cyclocross champion Jeremy Powers and will benefit Cadence Youth Cycling. ...
  • 16-Jun-2016

    Vision Zero Philadelphia Aims to End Traffic Deaths

    The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia continues to push its Vision Zero initiative, a coordinated effort to help end traffic deaths citywide. 2016 appears to be a key year for the initiative, with new attention from the city mayor (Jim ...

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