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Recent Posts in Bike Accidents

  • 30-May-2017

    Joe Piscitello Attends Bike to Work Day 2017

    On May 19 th, personal injury lawyer Joe Piscitello proudly participated in Bike to Work Day 2017, along with his PA Masters teammate Kim Geist. 150 people partook in a bicycle ride from the Penn Museum in West Philadelphia to Dilworth Park for the ...
  • 23-May-2017

    Wearing a Helmet: A Life or Death Decision

    This is what a great helmet looks like -- after it’s been put to the test. The helmet effectively absorbed the impact when Attorney Joe Piscitello crashed and struck his head on the road surface in 2005. Helmets are essential to wear while ...
  • 4-Apr-2017

    Who is Liable for a Dooring Accident?

    Life can be tricky for a cyclist. On one hand, you are forbidden from riding on sidewalks, so you’re forced to ride in the middle of road traffic that often does not afford you the same courtesy and space that they would other motorists. ...
  • 16-Dec-2016

    What Is the "Dutch Reach?"

    If you have cycled around the busy streets of Philadelphia, you've probably noticed how susceptible you are to "door" injuries. These accidents occur when an occupant of a parked or stopped car exits the vehicle, suddenly pushing the ...
  • 18-Nov-2016

    A Snapshot of Our Philadelphia Cycling Community

    In major cities all over the country, cycling is emerging as a popular, healthy, and environmentally-conscious way of getting around. In Philadelphia in particular, cycling has grown by leaps and bounds and is considered to be one of the nation's ...
  • 27-Oct-2016

    UM/UIM Coverage & Why You Should Care

    What is uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage and why should you care? Before answering that question, some quick background might help. First, it’s important to note that all auto drivers must purchase mandatory coverage to ensure that ...
  • 23-Sep-2016

    Will Evan's Law Crack down on Distracted Driving?

    According to federal officials, distracted driving claimed the lives of 3,179 Americans in 2014—and injured 431,000 more. There are even some studies that indicate this trend is getting worse despite new laws and campaigns to dissuade drivers ...
  • 13-Apr-2016

    A Guide to Building a Bicycle Accident Injury Claim

    If you’ve been involved in a bicycle accident due to a negligent driver, it’s likely that you’ll be looking to file a personal injury claim for any injuries you sustained from the accident. In the high stress of recovering from an ...
  • 18-Mar-2016

    Safety Tips for Cyclists in Philadelphia

    Cycling around the city has a number of benefits – it’s good exercise, better for the environment and reduces the cost of filling up a gas tank. Before you hit the road, however, it’s important that you do everything you can to ...
  • 2-Mar-2016

    Proving Negligence In a Bicycle Accident Injury Claim

    Like many other types of personal injury cases, bike accident injury claims typically center around the legal concept of negligence. While negligence is easily understood, proving it in court can be far more difficult. For this reason, it is crucial ...
  • 18-Feb-2016

    Philadelphia Bike Lanes Neglected After Winter Storms

    Philadelphia bicyclists willing to brave winter weather are increasingly finding themselves faced with a dangerous hazard after snowstorms: bike lanes that have not been plowed. While motorist lanes receive prompt attention from plows, bicyclists ...
  • 11-Aug-2015

    Why a GoPro can be your best friend if you're in a bike accident

    By: Lillian Swanson - The Naked City: You might think the GoPro on your bike helmet is the coolest thing to keep a record of your ride through city streets or down country lanes. But to Joe Piscitello, a cyclist and a lawyer who specializes in ...

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