Triathlete Team
Yoder Performance


Piscitello Law is delighted to be a sponsor for Yoder Performance 2019 Tri-Athlete team. Andrew Yoder from Lancaster, PA leads Yoder Performance and is a triathlon coach. According to Andrew “… Triathlon success derives from doing the fundamentals right, committing to the process, and taking joy in your journey…” For more information about Yoder Performance:

Below is a list of some of his athletes:

  • Aimee Taylor | USAT Duathlon National Champion
  • Katie Schick | 70.3 World Champ Qualifier
  • Joe Klinedinst | Ironman World Champ & IM 70.3 World Champ Qualifier
  • Eliot Scymanski | Ironman World Champ & IM 70.3 World Champ Qualifier
  • Dave Simons | 6th USAT Nationals & ITU Worlds Qualifier
  • Eric Reichert | USAT Nationals & 70.3 World Champ Qualifier
  • Rebecca Hayes | USAT Nationals & top regional AG
  • Brian Duffy | Professional Triathlete
  • Charlie Larsen | ITU Worlds Qualifier
  • Tom Eickelberg | SUNY New Paltz Head Swim Coach & Professional Triathlete
  • Penn Ketchum | Ironman & Owner of Penn Cinema
  • Jilian White | Ironman & Owner of Women’s Health of Lebanon
  • Jeb White | Ironman & Owner of Elite Life Capital
  • Joel Horning | USAT Nationals & Sports Med Surgeon @ Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster
  • Eric Howard | Owner of Howard Orthodontics
  • Dane Burkholder | Ironman & Partner at Roseville Wealth Management
  • Eric Hoerner | Owner of Greenleaf Financial Group

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What to Do After a Bike Crash

  • If police arrive, communicate any physical complaints you have at that moment.

  • Document what happened & your injuries. Don't downplay your injuries!

  • Get your version of events, driver's & witness' details in the accident report. 

  • Preserve evidence & seek advice from a professional.