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Cyclists in the City: Atlanta Posts Chief Bicycle Officer Position


What Atlanta’s Search for a New Bike Officer Means for Cyclists Everywhere

More and more local governments across the nation are taking an interest in cycling and implementing creative solutions that are good for bicycle enthusiasts and commuters.

Atlanta is a great example of a city devoted to improving cycling safety and access. Since 2015, Atlanta has had a Chief Bicycle Officer whose role is to coordinate cycling initiatives across city agencies. With the departure of the city’s first CBO, Atlanta is opening their search to find another devoted cycling advocate to spearhead their city’s work. Having already been named among the Top 50 Best Bike Cities of 2016, Atlanta is making great strides in the arena of bicycle-friendliness.

In 2017, Atlanta published its first Annual Cycling Report, detailing its accomplishments, which include:

  • Increasing the number of Relay Bike Share stations
  • Development of Atlanta Belt-Line Westside Trail; a bike trail connecting neighborhoods
  • Production of tree-line protected bikeways
  • Connecting bike paths with major activity centers in Atlanta
  • Bicycle art program involvement

As of March 2018, Atlanta’s bikeways have doubled in length and reach throughout the city, currently capping out at 116 miles. By 2020, the city expects to have 160 miles of bikeways, cycle-tracks, multi-use paths, and other bike-friendly roadways.

Atlanta’s search for a new Chief Bicycle Officer is just the latest effort reflecting the city’s commitment to cycling. Perhaps other cities will follow Atlanta’s leadership in creating a dedicated city position to manage cycling infrastructure, safety and initiatives.

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