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Michael J. Piscitello

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Michael J. Piscitello Community Outreach


Michael J. Piscitello, Community Outreach

Connecting Our Cycling Community

In 2019, Michael Piscitello joined Piscitello Law while simultaneously pursuing his undergraduate studies. He is currently enrolled at Temple University as a pre-law student. Michael is eager to learn the family business and looks forward to the day when he becomes a licensed attorney. In the meantime, he serves the firm by providing a meaningful community outreach experience. His role includes developing bike safety initiatives to support regional cycling clubs, shops, and organizations. He is also developing connections with Spanish speaking cyclists and organizations in the region to improve cycling safety in those communities.

Michael is following in his father’s path and is passionate about cycling. Last year, he worked to establish a new cycling club for the Community College of Philadelphia while he was enrolled there. Although COVID-19 has created some roadblocks to launching this new club, he plans to restart efforts in Spring, 2021. When not in school or in the office, Michael is actively training and riding with his father, who is thrilled to show him the ropes of competitive cycling. While out on the road or trails, Michael is constantly meeting members of our cycling community who have warmly welcomed him.


Professionally trained in the construction trades, Michael has over three years’ experience in building maintenance. While he is no longer overseeing commercial apartment complexes, he keeps his skills honed by managing the historic (1825) building where the Law Office resides in Olde City, Philadelphia. Prior to his work in the trades, he was a working member of the Creekside Community Cooperative in Elkins Park, PA for several years.

Michael also remains committed to establishing a chapter for the hunger relief program “Sharing Excess” at the Community College of Philadelphia. Sharing Excess is a program that helps students and the community around colleges meet the needs of those battling hunger while reducing waste in the food industries. More info here about Michael’s involvement with Sharing Excess.

In his spare time, he can be found researching innovative recipes, techniques, and equipment to support his passion for cooking. He is also a student of the Italian language and culture. Michael looks forward to visiting Santo Stefano di Camastra, Sicily to meet his relatives and learn more about his distant great uncle, Antonino Piscitello who led a Sicilian cycling community in the 1950s. More about his family history with cycling here.

Professional & Academic Highlights:

  • Member, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
  • Founding Member, CCP Chapter of Sharing Excess
  • Certified, OSHA safety training
  • Certified, National Apartment Association
  • Graduate, Orleans Technical Institute

Contact Michael at (215) 372-8768 to make an appointment or send a message online.

man baking

Michael fine-tunes his pasta-making skills!
two people biking
Michael with Attorney Joseph Piscitello.

What to Do After a Bike Crash

Have questions? We are here to help. Still have questions or can't find the answer you need? Give us a call at 215-372-8768 today!

  • Get Out of the Road: Get yourself and your bike out of the roadway to a safe spot.Testing
  • Take Photos at Crash Scene: Take photos of the vehicle that hit you, including the license plates, the intersection where crash
  • Call Police: Ask police to include your version of the crash into the report. Report any injury or pain you are experiencing, no
  • Get Immediate Medical Attention: If you do not go to the hospital from the scene, be sure to go to your primary care doctor or c
  • Preserve Evidence: Don't attempt to fix anything or have your bike repaired. Don't wash your clothing and don't send your bike,
  • Get Driver and Witness Info: Get contact info for anyone who witnessed the crash.#7
  • Call Bike Crash Attorney: don't communicate with any insurance company before consulting an attorney. Anything you say to the in
  • Meet Attorney at Crash Scene: As soon as you are able, make plans to meet your attorney at the crash scene to review details. Al