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  • $1,300,000 Trucking
    $1.3 Million Dollar settlement awarded in Eby v. John Doe Trucking Company. Plaintiff occupied disabled van located on Pennsylvania Turnpike near Jim Thorpe exit. Driver from John Doe (fictitious name) Trucking Co. failed to reduce speed dictated by inclement weather conditions; catastrophic collision occurred between the two vehicles. Joseph Piscitello assembled team of accident reconstruction experts to establish procedures and protocols which should have been followed by Truck Company during inclement weather. Significant injuries to plaintiffs required extensive analysis of future medical costs and lost wages. Mr. Piscitello retained medical, life-care and vocational experts to provide thorough analytic reports.
  • $1,100,000 Pedestrian Matter

    $1.1 million dollar award for 38-year-old Philadelphia woman struck by a construction truck that ran off the roadway as she stood on the sidewalk in Cape May, New Jersey. A third vehicle had stopped to allow Plaintiff to cross the road. The driver of the truck failed to see the stopped vehicle and swerved to avoid striking it, hitting Plaintiff instead. Plaintiff suffered multiple injuries and wage loss as a result. Joseph Piscitello retained medical, life-care, and vocational experts to provide a thorough analysis of future medical care and lost wages.

  • $535,000 Bicycle Crash with Rideshare Company

    $535,000 awarded for the male cyclist who injured after a driver for a rideshare company turned into his travel lane. 32-year-old Plaintiff sustained a broken leg requiring surgery leaving him unable to work or train for months. Joseph Piscitello successfully recovered a substantial award which covered Plaintiff’s medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and the time Plaintiff lost from training. Attorney Piscitello also secured replacement costs for the bike and equipment that was totaled in the crash.

  • $200,000 Bicycle Crash - Hit & Run

    Motorist runs stop sign, hits a cyclist, and flees.

  • $100,000 Bicycle Crash Left Cross

    A male cyclist was injured after a vehicle crossed his path of travel and struck him.39-year-old plaintiff suffered a serious knee injury requiring surgery and time off work.

  • Confidential settlement Bicycle Crash Right Hook

    The matter involved a major international trucking company who claimed cyclists had no right to proceed on a Philadelphia Center City street. The truck driver cut the cyclist off as both vehicles executed the right turn.

  • Medical Malpractice
    $1.0 Million Dollar settlement for injured auto driver who died while under medical care of community hospital. 30 year-old male suffered serious injuries from auto accident with a snowplow in Pennsylvania. When patient presented at emergency room, multiple fractured ribs and facial lacerations were noted. During first night stay at the hospital, his neurological condition deteriorated to a dangerous level. Nursing personnel contacted trauma doctor on duty, who declined to come into the hospital to examine the patient, but instead, prescribed pain medication. Within several hours of the narcotics administration, patient became completely unresponsive and died. Mr. Piscitello successfully subpoenaed the doctor’s accounting records, proving physician was dining at local restaurant and purchasing alcoholic beverages while on call during night the plaintiff died.
  • Motorcycle Accident
    $750,000 Verdict in the Butler v. Yamaha (U.S. Federal Court matter): Jury concluded Yamaha V- Max was defectively designed. Found Japanese manufacturers had knowledge of defect when they introduced motorcycle into U.S. marketplace (resulting in punitive damages award to Plaintiff). In this matter, thousands of documents were subpoenaed from manufacturer in Osaka, Japan. Documents were translated and analyzed, serving crucial factor in the jury-awarded verdict of $750,000. Yamaha vigorously appealed award to U.S. Court of Appeals. However, U.S. Court of Appeals, after hearing Mr. Piscitello’s argument, agreed that the bike was defective and that punitive damages were indeed appropriate.
  • Construction Accident
    $600,000 settlement awarded to a Pennsylvania construction worker who was struck by a backhoe and knocked into a pit. Paule v. Statewide Construction involved a subcontractor injured on a job site. Through the use of OSHA expert analysis, a report highlighted multiple violations by not only the subcontractor operating the backhoe, but also the general contractor who failed to establish and maintain a safe work environment. The case value was further enhanced by an expert analsyis conducted by Mr. Piscitello’s vocational and economic team. The matter resolved quickly after the expert analysis was provided to the insurance company who insured both construction companies.
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