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What Is the "Dutch Reach?"

man opening car door

If you have cycled around the busy streets of Philadelphia, you've probably noticed how susceptible you are to "door" injuries. These accidents occur when an occupant of a parked or stopped car exits the vehicle, suddenly pushing the vehicle's door in the pathway of an oncoming bicycle. These accidents are particularly common in urban areas where bicycle lanes are situated directly adjacent to street parking. One Chicago study found that roughly 20% of bicycle accidents involve motor vehicle doors.

However, there may be a solution. A simple practice developed in the Netherlands has become an official part of their driving education system and has significantly reduced the number of door injuries in their country; the practice is called the "Dutch Reach."

What Is the Dutch Reach?

Simply put, the Dutch Reach forces the driver (or passenger) to pivot their body towards the street—which automatically points their vision to where an oncoming bicycle may be coming. This would reduce the root cause of most door injuries: the motorist's failure to check behind them before exiting their vehicle towards the street.

If You've Been Hurt

If you, or a loved one, has been hurt in a door accident, then you may have a legitimate claim to seek compensation against the individual responsible. It is highly advised to seek legal counsel to file your claim, as these cases are often subject to resistance by the defendant and the involved insurance providers.

At Piscitello Law, our firm was founded by a dedicated Philadelphia bicycle accident attorney who is also an active member of our local cycling community. Our firm understands the challenges and pitfalls cyclists face following an accident on the road and has consistently secured favorable results for our clients in their time of need.

It is possible to fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact our firm today to start exploring your claim options.

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