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Piscitello Law Secures Victory


Cyclists are at greater risk of being injured when riding in urban environments, but that isn’t to say the busy setting should compromise their cycling rights. In a recent case, Attorney Piscitello successfully defended an injured cyclist struck by a driver in a left-turning vehicle who failed to check for any cyclists because “it was December.”

The cyclist was riding on the shoulder to the right of a line of cars that were stopped in traffic. One of the cars stopped before an intersection left a gap for opposing traffic to pass through – the driver of the stopped car waved a left-turning vehicle to drive through. The turning vehicle then hit the cyclist.

Although vehicle code allows cyclists to ride along the shoulder, the responding officer believed the cyclist was in violation of a statute stating that cyclists can only pass on the right where it is “safe to do so.” The judge, however, had a different ruling – stating the cyclist not only had a right to be riding in the shoulder, but also had the right of way.

Protecting Your Cycling Rights

In the event of an accident involving a cyclist, oftentimes an officer will sympathize with the driver and wrongfully cite the cyclist. When the rights of a cyclists are not prioritized, it can significantly impact the course of their personal injury case. At Piscitello Law, our Philadelphia bike accident attorney works tirelessly to protect the rights of injured cyclists.

As a seasoned trial litigator, Attorney Piscitello understands the overwhelming legal burden of pursuing a personal injury claim. When you come to Piscitello Law, you can trust that we will handle the legal aspects of your case so you can focus on your recovery.

Every case at our firm receives the one-on-one attention it deserves. Call (213) 372-8768 today to request your free consultation.

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