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Hit & Run Bike Accidents in Pennsylvania

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Any road accident in which one of the parties flees the scene is not only a profound disregard for others' well-being, it is also illegal. These situations can be particularly harrowing when the injured party is a bicyclist. Bicyclists are directly exposed to dangerous impacts and must often rely on other parties, including the motorists at fault, to call for medical attention.

If you have been hurt by a motorist that fled the scene of your accident, it can still be possible to recover civil damages. At Piscitello Law, we staunchly believe in the rights and interests of our bicycling community. Attorney Joseph T. Piscitello is a seasoned cyclist himself who has time and time again helped his fellow bicyclists recover the relief they deserve after being wronged by negligence motorists.

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Hit & Run Accidents: Steps to Take

Steps to take following a hit and run accident closely mirror those that any of us should take after a road accident. However, there are added considerations due to the irresponsible actions and absence of the other party.

Following a hit and run accident, you should:

  • Seek medical attention. Your health is the number one priority. Call 911 (or have it called on your behalf). Emergency personnel and police officers will be on their way.
  • Fill out a police report. Once any injuries have been tended to, speak with police officers to fill out a report. Because the law has also been broken, law enforcement will be interested in any details you can recount of the accident.
  • Contact your insurance provider. It is important to let your provider know that you've been in an accident and have received medical attention. Even if someone else is at fault, it is important to do this in a timely manner, usually within 24 hours.
  • Seek a bike crash attorney. While law enforcement will conducting its own investigation into the incident, they are interested in criminal charges—not recovering you compensation. Contacting an experienced lawyer can help you navigate this critical period in preparation of an injury suit and can even speak with witnesses and help collect evidence to help substantiate your eventual claim.

Criminal vs. Civil Penalties

When people are harmed by someone else's criminal actions, sometimes they assume that—because the individual will likely be punished by the state—that the matter is ineligible for a civil suit. This is not the case. Those who harm others with their criminal actions can still be held accountable in civil court. Our dedicated Philadelphia bicycle accident attorney can help you seek this justice and ensure that proper compensation is aggressively and thoroughly pursued.

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What to Do After a Bike Crash

  • If police arrive, communicate any physical complaints you have at that moment.

  • Document what happened & your injuries. Don't downplay your injuries!

  • Get your version of events, driver's & witness' details in the accident report. 

  • Preserve evidence & seek advice from a professional.