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Piscitello Law Supporting National Youth Bike Summit hosted by PA-based Community Bike Works

Youth Bike Summit 2024

The Youth Bike Summit is a dynamic annual event designed to empower and support young bicycle leaders. The event is now in it’s tenth year and will take place on June 14-16, 2024 at the Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA. This year, the Community Bike Works (CBW) organization has been selected to host the event and they expect over 400 participants to attend.

Piscitello Law is proud to sponsor this event and to support initiatives to get #morekidsonbikes and to make cycling a more inclusive and diverse sport. We are thrilled to see strong support for this movement and event by national, state, and local organizations, businesses, and government.

What is the Youth Bike Summit?

The Youth Bike Summit (YBS)  is an annual event led by the National Youth Bike Council, that brings together young cyclists, educators, and advocates from across the nation. Its core mission is to harness the power of bicycles as a catalyst for positive social change, environmental sustainability, and personal growth among young people throughout the country. By providing a platform for dialogue, workshops, and shared experiences, the summit aims to build a stronger, more inclusive cycling community that champions the voices of its youngest members. The key theme of the YBS2024 will be “Youth Lead the Way” with an additional focus on environmental sustainability.

Key Things Happening Over the 3-Day Event

This three-day event has been designed to offer a wide range of activities to engage all who attend. These are some highlights:

  • Workshops and panels: Expert-led sessions cover a wide range of topics, from bike mechanics to advocacy strategies.
  • Group rides: Nothing solidifies friendships like riding together. These rides highlight the beauty of the Lehigh Valley region while promoting physical health.
  • Networking opportunities: The summit provides a unique platform for young cyclists to connect with peers, mentors, and leaders in the cycling community, opening doors to future collaborations.

The Role of Community Bike Works and the Impact of the Youth Bike Summit

Community Bike Works (CBW), based in Allentown, PA stands at the forefront of transformative change, harnessing the power of cycling to alter lives. Through educational initiatives, mentorship programs, and practical workshops, CBW ignites a passion for cycling among young individuals, particularly those from under-represented communities. Their Earn A Bike program engages young people to develop technical skills, confidence, and a deep sense of community. The summit is a natural extension of CBW's mission, magnifying the positive ripple effects of cycling on youth empowerment.

The Youth Bike Summit is a pivotal platform for the teen leaders within Community Bike Works, offering a chance to step into roles of leadership and influence. By spearheading various facets of the summit, from planning to execution, these young leaders gain hands-on experience in organizing, leading, and galvanizing their communities.

The Youth Bike Summit 2024 promises to inspire, include, and empower young leaders within the cycling community. To catch a glimpse of what's in store for #YBS2024, check out the Community Bike Works Video.

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