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It’s Earth Day! Thank you to conservationists like our clients, Barb and Rick McKee!

Barb and Rick McKee

In honor of Earth Day 2024, we would like to recognize one of our fabulous clients who happens to be a devoted conservationist. Meet Barbara McKee and her husband Richard. If they are not cycling around the tri-state region, you can find this duo volunteering throughout New Jersey in a wide range of conservation projects. In these photos, Barbara and Rick are holding two six-week-old bad eagle “chicks” who are in process of getting banded to help biologists/zoologists and volunteers keep track of them. They work with endangered and threatened raptors: eagles, ospreys, peregrine falcons, and kestrels.

They also worked with the Amphibian Crossing Project in northern Warren County, NJ. There are several areas where little creatures (wood frogs, salamanders) must cross dense highways to mate and lay eggs. Thanks to conservationists, “habitat connectors” such as mini tunnels and overpasses (shown below) are created allowing safe passage across highways. Ingenious!

Big thanks to Barb, Rick and all conservationists and environmentalists working to restore balance to our earth. For more info and inspiration, please check out this video celebrating the 50th anniversary of the NJ Endangered Species Conservation Act:

The 50th Anniversary of the Endangered and Nongame Species Conservation Act - YouTube

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