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Berks County Bike Law Seminar & Gravel Ride

Berks County Bike Law Seminar & Gravel Ride

Thursday, August 19th, 2021 – Hosted by Piscitello Law and Berks Trail Works at Canal Street Pub

What originally started as a bike law webinar for the Berks County Cycling club, has evolved into a two-part experience for cyclist in and around Berks County. The evening will start with a Gravel Ride, starting and finishing at Canal Street Pub. At the Pub, there will be a live seminar on cycling and the law presented by attorney Joseph Piscitello. Apps and drinks will be provided for all attendees who register. You can sign up for just the ride, just seminar or both, all free!

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The Gravel Ride

The no drop Gravel ride starts at 5:30pm at the Canal Street Pub. The ride will go out to the Neversink lookout for a picture and will return again to the pub at 6:45pm. The gravel ride is a thirteen-mile loop led by Stephan Kincaid from Berks Trail Works. You can view the ride file via Strava by following this link.