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Cycling is in the Genes!


Sicily photo

It's not often that you realize that the passions you pursue in your everyday life were shared by relatives from a generation before you—but that's exactly what Attorney Joe Piscitello discovered on a recent trip to Sicily. Joe recently connected with relatives in Santo Stefano and found that Antonino Piscitello, his great uncle, was leading a burgeoning Sicilian cycling community as far back as the 1950s.

Antonino spent his life growing his family's renowned ceramic business, Antonino Piscitello Ceramiche. Founded in 1683, Antonino Piscitello Ceramiche has served as a beacon of artistic innovation for hundreds of years and was even honored by the United Nations Culture and Arts.

But Antonino's dedication to his artistic craft was not his only passion: he was also passionate about cycling and was the Cycling Director and organizer for multiple races across Sicily. Antonino organized competitive cycling in Sicily and led numerous races throughout the region. In those days, cyclists who won the Sicilian "tours" would go on to compete in the Giro D’Italia, considered one of Europe's prestigious cycling events alongside the Tour de France and La Vuelta a España. Antonino’s leadership and commitment to the cycling sport effectively galvanized a burgeoning cycling community in Sicily.

Unfortunately, Joe did not have the chance to meet Antonino as he recently passed away. However, his recent visit gave him the chance to learn about Antonino’s remarkable legacy directly from his wife Maria Mingari and his children, Arcangelita and Salvatore. Joe cherishes this new connection with his Sicilian family and looks forward to returning to Santo Stefano in the years to come!

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