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Attorney Joe Piscitello Featured in "The Paceline"

Attorney Piscitello posing with a man and a woman

Attorney Joe Piscitello's long-standing sponsorship of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia has been featured in the organization's newly announced donor profile, dubbed “The Paceline.” In it, the Coalition highlights the philanthropy of individuals that have made their mission of advocacy and awareness possible.

"It is a privilege to describe why the Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia is unique to me, and why my Law Firm, Piscitello Law, remains a proud corporate sponsor," Attorney Piscitello writes in his Paceline profile. He goes on to describe his particular passion for one of the Coalition's programs, the Cadence Youth Cycling (CYC) Program. Joe draws attention to Allen Williams, a CYC athlete who recently won a Gates Millenium Scholarship.

“I could not have been more proud of this young individual, Allen Williams, an outstanding example of someone who utilized his experience in the Cadence Cycling program to create positive personal experiences and solid academic opportunities ahead."

Read more about Joe’s Paceline profile as well as the other three Paceline individuals honored.

Joe Piscitello, Jeremy Powers and Sarah Stuart Clark (ED: Philadelphia Bicycle Coalition)

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