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Attorney Joseph Piscitello to Represent Bike Law PA in Bike Law Network


We are proud to announce that Attorney Joseph T. Piscitello was selected to officially represent Bike Law Pennsylvania. Currently, the organization is 18-members strong and includes legal professionals who are focused on representing bicyclists and protecting their rights in both the United States and Canada. Read more from Arleigh Jenkins here:

By Arleigh Jenkins

AUG 22, 2017

Bike Law, a network of independent bicycle lawyers across North America, is proud to announce that Joe Piscitello of Piscitello Law has joined the network to represent Bike Law Pennsylvania. Joe joins 18 fellow bicycle crash attorneys in the United States and Canada that are focused on representing bicyclists and protecting their rights.

Joe founded Piscitello Law thirty years ago and has represented innumerable bicyclists throughout Pennsylvania involving vehicle negligence, unsafe road conditions, and distracted driving. He is an ardent advocate for a cyclist’s right to be on the road. Tragically, too many car and bike crashes result in fatalities. Close to 100 cyclists in Philadelphia die annually in these recurring and avoidable events. Bike Law PA believes that much work remains to be done to reduce bicycle crash deaths to zero, which is the mission of the Vision Zero movement in the United States and abroad. Bike Law PA is eager to work with the devoted network of bicycle crash attorneys to collectively push this initiative forward. Joe considers his invitation to join Bike Law to be one of the highest honors he has received as an attorney.

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