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Attorney Piscitello Featured on Philly Bicycle Coalition Podcast


Attorney Joe Piscitello recently appeared on a podcast produced by the Philly Bicycle Coalition! Attorney Piscitello was invited to discuss many trending legal topics that are relevant to the cycling community. The conversation covered a lot of ground including recent cycling fatalities, efforts by Vision Zero and the national Bike Law Network. You can hear the podcast on the Bicycle Coalition’s Soundcloud page, found here!

Here are some of the topics that Mr. Piscitello and the Bicycle Coalition team discussed.

The Bike Law Network

The conversation touched on a growing trend of crashes involving cars and cyclists on our roads and the need for cycling attorneys skilled in this field. Attorney Joe Piscitello was recently invited to join the international Bike Law Network and represents Bike Law in the state of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Bike Law Network attorneys have handled thousands of cases and share best practices among their colleagues across the country.

Philadelphia Cycling Fatalities

The late days of 2017 were not friendly to cyclists, and the entire community felt the impact of several tragic accidents in the Philadelphia area in December. The conversation discussed several common cycling crashes including the often fatal “right-hook” in which a cyclist is proceeding through an intersection at the same moment when a driver takes a right-hand turn. This crash scenario recently resulted in the death of a young woman in Philadelphia and seriously injured another young woman soon thereafter. The need to prevent these recurring crashes was a natural transition to discuss the Vision Zero movement.

Vision Zero

Vision Zero is a nationwide network dedicated to making our streets safer by eliminating traffic deaths to cyclists and pedestrians. Piscitello Law is a Gold corporate sponsor and active member of the Philadelphia Alliance on Vision Zero. The podcast discussion touched on the need for improved infrastructure and protected cycling lanes as well as the need for laws to reduce traffic speed in areas of high injury.

If you are a cyclist who has been injured in the Philadelphia area, call Piscitello Law today at (215) 372-8768 and let our Philadelphia bike accident attorney fight for your rights!

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